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81. One Dove
Morning Dove White
1993   Review
More or less a 'Screamadelica' with female vocals. Dance music at its most diverse. A lost treasure if there ever was one.
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82. Howling Bells
Howling Bells
The 'pretty girl with a bunch of hobos forming a band' template revived to great effect. The spirit of down under embodied by a crystal clear voice and some rather dirty guitar riffs.
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83. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever To Tell
The chaotic energy of the riot grrrl movement, the new wave legacy of their New York home and a bunch of short & sharp killer tunes make this one hell of a debut.
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84. Bright Eyes
I'm wide awake, it's morning
A child prodigy which to this day has assembled a creative output vaster and more diverse than other achieve in a lifetime. This is his quiet folk album for which it seems he has saved his best compositions.
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85. The Velvet Underground
Often overlooked because it was fundamentally different from their other releases both in mood and style. They ruined it a bit during mixing but it still was a great ending for the band that started it all.
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86. Low
Things We Lost In The Fire
The slowest band on the planet. Each note, each chord comes in drops. All held together by the harmony of two voices fitting together rather perfectly.
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87. Cranes
1993   Review
Certainly on of the most underrated bands of all times. Subtle gothic undertones and some very childlike vocals add up to a record The Cure tried to make for decades but failed.
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88. Belle & Sebastian
As this, their debut, wasn't released until after their third album, following their career was a bit like watching a film in reverse. So although this didn't offer anything new it was a welcome addition to their already fascinating body of work.
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89. Kraftwerk
Between albums about cars, trains and robots they made this collection of strange sounds and hidden melodies. Even in 100 years time this will sound like the future.
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90. The White Stripes
White Blood Cells
A drumkit, a guitar and a voice. The simplicity in rock music, which seemed long forgotten finally back.
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91. Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha
Some relaxed beats, some fluffy samples and some dreamy vocals. This was conceived and put together with an expert eye for detail yet sounds completely effortless.
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92. Nick Drake
Pink Moon
The melancholic and introspective nature of this record is often seen as a prediction of things to come, when in fact it's largely due to the minimal arrangements. His premature death can be seen as the greatest loss of musical talent ever.
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93. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Boatman's Call
1997   Review
After nearly twenty years in the business this is his first throughout quiet and calm album. Whatever caused him to mellow down is unclear but who cares if the result is as pleasing as this.
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94. The Byrds
Mr. Tambourine Man
Some may prefer their later more daring and inventive albums but this, their first one, has the best combination of well written songs and that trademark guitar sound.
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95. The House Of Love
The House Of Love
Band members leaving and major labels interfering resulted in an album that was only half as good as it could have been. Sadly this along with the La's debut was the last struggle of the C86 generation against the rise of mainstream indie.
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96. The Knife
Silent Shout
One of the few electronic albums of this decade that offered something really new. In this case the key point was how a dense, dark and mystic atmosphere was build from a rather simple set of sounds. And all that conceived by equally mysterious Scandinavian siblings.
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97. Spiritualized
Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
1997   Review
Taking in influences from genres as diverse as psychadelica, gospel, jazz and soul this is rock music at its most ambitious. 'Play once, twice daily' the instruction said. Of course we overdosed.
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98. NEU!
Probably the best Krautrock album of them all. Mostly a guitar and drum based affair, the dynamics they create thereby are incredible.
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99. Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend
A strange try at Indie world music? Maybe. The rebirth of the US music scene? Perhaps. A band trying to use their intelligence and musicianship wisely? Definitely.
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100. Pixies
Surfer Rosa
1988 was the year that punk broke irrevocably. And partly due to this half hour of pop & noise that saw the Pixies sound reduced to its barest essentials.
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