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41. Low
As the title suggests a set of Christmas songs, some self-penned, some traditional. Anyone who owns this record will long for the first cold and snowy days so he has a reason to listen to it again.
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42. Saint Etienne
So Tough
The band that embodied the idea of a pop group like no other. Melodic bliss topped by the most pleasing if not to say stimulating female voice ever.
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43. Starsailor
Love is Here
Their first EP was a great start and this, their first full length release was even better. Travis might have been more popular and Coldplay may have sold more records but they have nothing to match the quality of these songs here.
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44. Simon & Garfunkel
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme
An often overseen album in their cannon because of the lack of successful singles on it. In fact their most consistent work combining two voice harmonies with some of P.Simon best compositions.
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45. Belle & Sebastian
If You're Feeling Sinister
1996   Review
The band which embodies the spirit of independent music like no other. Of course heavily influenced by the Smiths but with their own introverted charisma. Some criticise the lack of proper production here but oversee that that's part of its charm.
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46. Hope Of The States
The Last Riots
A well balanced mixture of pop sensibility, post rock soundscapes and the shadows of the Manic's 'Holy Bible', sharing its prediction of imminent personal tragedy.
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47. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Show Your Bones
The only band in the 00s who could follow a great debut with an even better sequel. They replaced the weird and hectic bits with some melodic sing along parts which against all odds made perfect sense.
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48. The Verve
Urban Hymns
1997   Review
After some promising early singles and two so-so albums the Verve seemed to be history. But they returned with this album which finally fulfilled all their promises.
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49. Sigur Ros
Agoetis Byrjun
A record so out of time and out of sync with the rest of the world and so immersed in its own universe it could only come from a far away country. Iceland that is.
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50. Radiohead
OK Computer
1997   Review
Sandwiched between their grunge mediocrity and their electronic indulgence phases they released this, a historic moment for guitar music in the 90s and beyond.
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51. The Human League
Electronic music in the 90s may have had the newest technology at hand but that couldn't compensate the lack of inspiration. So this 80s artefact is still the unsurpassed king of synthetic pop.
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52. Slowdive
Just For A Day
The various bands of the shoegazing scene created some of the most fascinating pieces of music of the 90s. This one's an especially lovely example. Dive in and drown.
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53. Pet Shop Boys
For their standards an unusually quiet and melancholic album. Not many killer singles but not many weak tracks either.
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54. The Smiths
Meat Is Murder
On this one Johnny Marr's guitar playing is the strongest with a range from soft lushness to harder rock oriented stuff. Morrissey fits his lyrics in perfectly.
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55. David Bowie
Hunky Dory
Maybe his most singer/songwriteresque album, a piano based affair with guitar riffs added at the right places, preceding the Glam-rock excesses to come.
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56. The Vines
Highly Evolved
One half energetic, grungy fast songs, the other half lazy, sun drenched slow ones. They lost it completely after this, but for one season they were unbeatable.
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57. Tim Buckley
Goodbye And Hello
This would have been just a regular folk album if not for that voice. A voice so rich in expression and modulation you wouldn't need accompanying instruments at all. A voice with no equivalent in rock music history.
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58. REM
Automatic For The People
1992   Review
A rare case of a band where the most successful album is also the best. Bleak and uncompromising but rewarding and comforting at the same time.
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59. My Bloody Valentine
Isn't Anything
The album that started the whole shoegazing scene. The basic idea of a guitar wall of sound with some unintelligible vocals mixed underneath has been copied extensively. Three years later they returned to complete their mission.
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60. Pixies
Trompe Le Monde
1991   Review
More diverse and chaotic than their previous stuff but also slightly less flawless. If you play this next to the first Frank Black album you will seriously doubt that he was the only creative force in the band.
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