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21. Julee Cruise
Floating Into The Night
This features her contributions to the Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet soundtracks and a few other songs equal in quality. Some of the most genuinely beautiful music ever created.
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22. Love
Forever Changes
The perfect soundtrack for a sun drenched day in the summer. Everything that's great about 60s music is present here, with some never heard additions.
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23. Big Star
Sister Lovers
Compiled from various recording sessions and finally released four years after its creation this is pop music at its most desperate and desolate. Which does not prevent it from offering some stunning tunes in-between.
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24. Cowboy Junkies
The Caution Horses
1990   Review
The perfect synthesis of music, lyrics and voice. The difficulties of human existence have rarely been portrayed better as in this set of songs.
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25. Kraftwerk
Trans Europe Express
The band that put Germany on the international music map. The sound that has been copied, sampled and imitated extensively. The genius of two musicians.
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26. The House Of Love
The House Of Love
From the many post Smiths bands in the 80s House of Love were certainly the best. When this is over after only 32 minutes you will reach for the repeat button immediately.
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27. Suede
1993   Review
In the grunge dominated early 90s this early Britpop nugget was a rare treat. Especially the brilliant ballads came as a surprise after their first Glam-rock inspired singles.
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28. Embrace
The Good Will Out
1998   Review
Not a guilty pleasure but a real classic. This is the tragic case of a band that spawned a movement but lost the plot before the whole thing gathered momentum.
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29. Arcade Fire
How a couple from the depth of Canada could come up with a sound this fully developed is still unclear. Sadly as most artists in the 00s they could not continue on this high level.
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30. The Strokes
Is This It
A record that at this point in rock music nobody expected. A greatest hits condensation of New York rock history so dense there's hardly a second superfluous.
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31. Neil Young
After many good albums in the 70s and some not so good ones in the 80s this was certainly the greatest comeback ever. Showing both his soft and his hard side he reached his peak as a songwriter here.
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32. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Good Son
Of his many great albums this is the one which contrasts best splendid melodies, opulent arrangements and his unique voice.
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33. The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds
An obsessed and fanatic musician trying to create the perfect piece of music. And succeeding. This does not top most best albums of all time polls for no reason.
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34. Spiritualized
Laser Guided Melodies
Waves of sound floating, drifting, rising and subsiding. Music beyond time and space, rhythm and structure, dream and reality.
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35. Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Lift Your Skinny Fists ...
Combines the best bits of the postrock concept and the possibilities of orchestral instruments. If anyone has failed to understand the meaning of the word 'crescendo' he will after listening to this.
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36. Talk Talk
Spirit Of Eden
A very, very quiet record where every sigh is important and every whisper makes a difference. Melodies hidden behind layers of silence. Music never sounded as focused on details as here.
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37. Oasis
Definitely Maybe
1994   Review
Hearing 'Live Forever' for the first time on the radio back in the summer of 94 surely was a magic moment. This album even surpassed the great expectations which ensued. Obviously it could only go downhill from here.
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38. Nirvana
Unplugged In New York
1994   Review
'Nevermind' was the big one, but this was more at the core of what Kurt Cobain wanted to achieve with music. Of what further things he would have been capable can only be guessed.
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39. Mazzy Star
She Hangs Brightly
A voice so fascinating, so full of wonder, mystery and longing that the accompanying music is absolutely incidental. But astonishingly it's on par in quality.
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40. Leonard Cohen
Songs Of Leonard Cohen
At the age of 35 the then semi-successful writer and poet decided to put his words to music. The result was a piece of work which gave a new depth and sincerity to the genre of pop which still remains unrivalled to this day.
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