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71. Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand
They blew away the New Rock Revolution and started the second wave of Britpop with this set of songs. Basically Jarvis Cocker fronting Blondie with some German vocals added.
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Talk Talk
Spirit Of Eden
A very, very quiet record where every sigh is important and every whisper makes a difference. Melodies hidden behind layers of silence. Music never sounded as focused on details as here.
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The Jesus & Mary Chain
To change your sound completely after your debut album has been hailed as a classic is a bold move indeed. But here it pays off, resulting in a set of songs bands like Sister of Mercy would kill for.
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Belle & Sebastian
If You're Feeling Sinister
1996   Review
The band which embodies the spirit of independent music like no other. Of course heavily influenced by the Smiths but with their own introverted charisma. Some criticise the lack of proper production here but oversee that that's part of its charm.
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Antony And The Johnsons
The Crying Light
Although not as easy going and varied as his breakthrough second album this could prove to be his masterpiece in the long run. Just listen how his voice floats like a feather over the subtle but nevertheless powerful arrangements.
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Laser Guided Melodies
Waves of sound floating, drifting, rising and subsiding. Music beyond time and space, rhythm and structure, dream and reality.
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1993   Review
In the grunge dominated early 90s this early Britpop nugget was a rare treat. Especially the brilliant ballads came as a surprise after their first Glam-rock inspired singles.
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The Velvet Underground
OK, this wasn't actually released in 1969, but it could as well have been. Instead these recordings remained in the vault for nearly two decades. A circumstance which is unthinkable in the modern internet age.
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Viva Hate
Released a mere six months after the last Smiths album this was much better than anyone expected it to be. And even fewer anticipated him still being relevant two decades later.
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The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories
Felt were one of the most archetypal representatives of the mid 80s indie guitar avalanche. But contrary to other main players like The June Brides or The Loft they stayed together long enough to finish a complete album. Ten complete albums to be precise.
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1997   Review
After two quintessentially English albums this one sounds as if it was recorded in the depth of the Mexican dessert amidst snakes and shoot-outs. Not as good as the real Ennio Morricone but better than most of his imitators.
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Mojave 3
Spoon And Rafter
It's been a long way from Slowdive's effect drenched guitar landscapes to the simple modern folk music here. And don't forget most of their other albums are overlooked gems too.
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Hope Of The States
The Last Riots
A well balanced mixture of pop sensibility, post rock soundscapes and the shadows of the Manic's 'Holy Bible', sharing its prediction of imminent personal tragedy.
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109. Throwing Muses
Throwing Muses
One of the strongest, most intense female forces in music. Their debut shows a young band working totally devoid of external influences. A modern day Bronte sisters if you like.
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Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Lift Your Skinny Fists ...
Combines the best bits of the postrock concept and the possibilities of orchestral instruments. If anyone has failed to understand the meaning of the word 'crescendo' he will after listening to this.
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The Cranberries
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We
1993   Review
This band got terribly unfashionable with their second album and rightly so. What a shame cause this debut was a really lovely and astonishingly well produced indie guitar album.
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26. The House Of Love
The House Of Love
From the many post Smiths bands in the 80s House of Love were certainly the best. When this is over after only 32 minutes you will reach for the repeat button immediately.
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Kristin Hersh
Learn To Sing Like A Star
A perfect example that in some unique cases creativity can subsist over decades. The emotional intensity and impressive songwriting skills displayed here are even superior to the best efforts of her previous band Throwing Muses.
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Absolutely impossible to say something new about this album which is probably the most important record of our generation. And of course everybody still knows when and where he or she heard that first song for the first time.
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82. Howling Bells
Howling Bells
The 'pretty girl with a bunch of hobos forming a band' template revived to great effect. The spirit of down under embodied by a crystal clear voice and some rather dirty guitar riffs.