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As you might have guessed from the background images, this website is dedicated to musical stuff. Firstly and foremost it contains a detailed list of my favourite albums. I have added short annotations to explain why I consider them great and, where available, attached reviews taken from the British music press (the glorious Melody Maker). These offer a better analysis than I'm capable of and furthermore should act as a tribute to this paper which has helped a lot to shape my musical interest. Additionally you can find some other stuff here documenting my life as a music lover.
subpoint So here they are, in all their glory, the best albums of all time.
subpoint To document how all this started I have added retro charts which describe my musical tastes when I was just a clueless 15 years old.
subpoint You may also want to take a trip down memory lane to visit some pivotal moments in my life as a music fan.
subpoint Or you may want to take a look at the glorious pop thrill that was 80s chart music.
subpoint Or witness the decline of chart music in the 90s.
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